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Nitrogen membrane compressor unitsContarized nitrogen compressor stations

Contarized nitrogen compressor stations

Contarized nitrogen compressor stations

Ural Compressor Plant designes and produces all kinds of contarizes nitrogen membrane compressor stations:

  • Air compressor station low and high pressure;
  • Nitrogen membrane air-separeting stations low and high pressure, adjustable purity of nitrogen (90-99%);
  • Contarized compressor station for industrial gases.

Equipment can be:

  • mounted in 20- or 40-feet container;
  • block-module constructions with non-standard dimensions;
  • mounted in decompaund constructions.

We design contarized compressor stations with the requirements of the customer.

Containerized compressor station can be equipped with a self-produced industrial compressors, and any Russian or foreign models and other related equipment:

  • air dryers;
  • filters;
  • tanks and so on;
  • fire alarm system;
  • means of automatic fire extinguishing

Automatic control system, pooduced with leading world components, ensures reliable functioning of compressor station without the presence of staff.

Блочно-модульная компрессорная станция для получения азота


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