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News Vienybe valves
25 Jul 2012

UKZ, JSC is the official supplier of Hoerbiger-Vienybe, JSC valves

26.06.2012 the official meeting between UKZ CEO and representatives of Hoerbiger Company (the world biggest manufacturer of valves, piston rings and omental compaction for compressors)  was carried out.

      Ural compressor plant has been cooperating with Hoerbiger-Vienybe Company for more than 20 years. During this period Hoerbiger-Vienybe has produced compressor equipment valves for the plant under the UKZ drawings. During the session several questions were discussed, such as quality of the production supplied, company price policy (valves delivery at manufacturing plant minimal market price) and the presentation of the manufactured products was hold, including air, inlet, bypass and safety compressor valves and piston compressor valves. After passing tests of Vienybe valves successfully, the final meeting will be led, during which terms of the agreement for Hoerbiger-Vienybe valves delivery will be discussed.

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