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Nitrogen membrane compressor unitsPropelled nitrogen compressor stations PKSA-9/200

Propelled nitrogen compressor stations PKSA-9/200

Propelled nitrogen compressor stations PKSA-9/200

The mobile nitrogen compressor station PKSA-9/200 is intended for production of flame-and explosion proof gas mixture from atmospheric air. The oxygen content in this mixture shall not exceed 10 % and shall be compressed up to pressure of 20 MPa (200 kgf/ cm²) to be used during development, test and repair of oil and gas wells and also for other technological operations in oil and gas industry.

  • The gas separating block made on the basis of half fiber diaphragms of Air Products (USA), manufactured by UKZ;
  • Units nave smaller weight and overall dimensions  in comparison with similar units;
  • The equipped heating system provides reliable operation at low ambient temperatures.


 Technical specifications    
Gas to be compressed, inlet gas air  
outlet gas Inert gas mixture  
Composition of inert gas mixture    
(as per volume), %  nitrogen (min) 90  
oxygen (max) 10  
Capacity as per nitrogen, m3/min 9  
Initial pressure atmospheric pressure  
Outlet pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 20 (200)  
Power consumption, kW, max 270  
Overall dimensions, mm On Ural truck chassis On KAMAZ truck chassis
Length 10300 9700
Width  2500 2500
Height  3200 3030
Weight. kg 20500 17500



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