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Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors

The Ural compressor plant produce the wide spectrum of air compressor stations: the gas compressor (including as a part of automobile gas filling compressor stations), the piston air compressor in various updatings.

Pressure 40 bar: VShV-1/40 (for air, nitrogen) Поршневые компрессоры

Pressure 100 bar: VShV-3/100 (for air, nitrogen)

Pressure 200 bar: VSh-2.3/230 water-cooled (for air, nitrogen)

Pressure 230 bar: VShV-2.3/230 (for air, nitrogen)

Pressure 400 bar: VShV-2.5/400, SKS-2.3/400 (for air, dry air, nitrogen)


Stationary compressors of a high pressure can be applied in any technological process in which using of compressed air is necessary.

Piston gas compressors are used in in technology of giving of hydrogen in metallurgy. In the chemical industry gas compressors of a high pressure are applied to filling cylinders with helium and hydrogen.

Piston air compressors are used for pneumatic tests of vessels and the pipelines working under pressure. Air piston compressors serve in the petrogas-processing, medical industry, nuclear electric power industry for maintenance with the compressed air of air high-voltage switches as a part of switching centers of power plants and substations.

On all spectrum of piston air and gas compressors the guarantee of 12 months is given.

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