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Cryogenic storage tanksBiological product storage vessels HB-0.5

Biological product storage vessels HB-0.5

Biological product storage vessels HB-0.5

Design and principle of operation
The storage tank consists of inner vessel and external housing. The exit into the working volume of the vessel is carried out through the orifice. The inner vessel is provided with revolving shelves, which is set into rotation by means of detachable handle. The shelves are separated into three sections, which can accommodate bushes with two rows of canisters with the product being stored.
In machine engineering such storage tanks are used without the shelves. A safety diaphragm is installed on the housing to protect the latter in case of pressure increase in interwall space. The access into the working volume is closed by means of plug.

Comment on operation of biological product storage vessels HB-0.5:
FGUP Sverdlovsk Livestock Breeding has been using biological product storage vessels for a long time HB-0.5 manufactured by Engineering Plant "Uralcryotechnika" (Ekaterinburg). No faults or failures have been revealed so far.
The biological product storage vessels are used for storage of stud bull sperm in liquid nitrogen at temperature of minus 196°C. The biological product storage vessels are safe, reliable and easy in operation. They are manufactured with high quality and correspond to the technical specifications having low losses due to evaporation.
We have no negative remarks with regard to quality and operation of biological storage vessels HB-0.5.
Chief engineer of FGUP Sverdlovsk Livestock Breeding V.E. Lapin

Technical specifications
Cryogenic storage tanks Biological product storage vessel HB-0.5  
The amount of liquefied nitrogen, kg 440
Volume, m³ 0.55
Losses from evaporation, kg/h (% per day) 0.18 (1)
Orifice diameter, mm 450
Overall dimensions, mm,  
diameter 1120
height 1180
Weight of empty storage vessel, kg 300



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