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Cryogenic storage tanksCryogenic chambers ZTK-0,5/0,25

Cryogenic chambers ZTK-0,5/0,25

Cryogenic chambers ZTK-0,5/0,25

Design and principle of operation
The chambers consist of inner tank and external housing. Pipelines, fixtures, tools and safety devices are located on the control desk of the cabinet. In the lower part of the chamber there is an evaporator to create working pressure in the chamber. The insulation of the tank is of vacuum multilayer type, therefore liquid stored in the inner tank has small losses due to evaporation considering that heat flows coming to the surface are minimum.

Advantages and distinctive features

  • the chambers are reliable and simple in operation, they require short preparation of the service personnel;
  • small product losses-due to the use of vacuum multilayer insulation;
  • the chambers can be operated at ambient temperature from minus 50 to plus 50°C;
  • they do not require special protective measures against precipitation attack and solar radiation.

The chambers are not subject to registration in Gosgortechnadzor.

Technical specifications
Cryogenic chambers  
Technical specifications ZTK-0.5/0.25
Volume, m³ 0.5
Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²) 0.25 (2.5)
The amount of product to be filled in, kg  
oxygen 540
nitrogen 380
argon 660
Losses from evaporation, kg/h  
oxygen 0.17
nitrogen 0.18
argon 0.23
Overall dimensions, mm,  
length 1250
width 1250
height 1430
Weight of empty chamber, kg 230



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