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Air fractionating unitsAir fractionating unit AgКg-0.06, АgА-0.06

Air fractionating unit AgКg-0.06, АgА-0.06

Air fractionating unit AgКg-0.06, АgА-0.06

Advantages and distinctive features
The unit use makes it possible to give up the unreliable, labour consuming and expensive purchases of oxygen and nitrogen from other manufacturers, that is especially important for the consumers of the above-mentioned products located away from technical gas-producing enterprises.
The units are simple and reliable in operation and long lasting (the service life of the unit is 15 years, minimum). These units have a number of advantages over similar units, which are:

  • high purity of the product;
  • reliability;
  • versatility;
  • low power intensity.

Standard equipment of AgКg-0.06 unit includes:

  1. Air compressor plant VW-4.2/200.
  2. Block of preliminary cooling.
  3. Air cleaning block.
  4. Control desk.
  5. Air fractionating block.
  6. Liquefied gas pump.
  7. Expander unit DPV2-200/6-3М.
  8. Filling chamber 2x5 cylinders.
  9. A set of spare parts and technological lines.

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