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News An interview with Isaeva M. - the head of marketing department of UKZ, JSC.
13 September 2012

An interview with Isaeva M. - the head of marketing department of UKZ, JSC.

Ural compressor plant have been cooperated with Federal Grid Company for many years. Could you please define what does this collaboration contain?

The installations of the FGC exploit UKZ compressors since Soviet time.  Electric substations use switchgears that receive and apportion electric energy. For cutting on and cutting off the concatenation in different methods of operation (overload, short circuit, idling and etc.) the cutout should be installed on the switchgears. Till recently the main part of the cutouts were oil (or tank) cutouts. To make these cutouts work, compressed air is needed, that is uploaded to the receivers with the help of high-pressure compressors. These very compressors are produced by Ural compressor plant, which supplies them to the energetic installations for a long time. Besides these equipment supplies, our plant produces a huge amount of spare parts for Federal Grid Company as well as provides services for compressor equipment maintenance, that is exploit on the installations.

Please tell us about how successful you consider your collaboration with FGC?

Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System has always been a very strategically important customer for Ural compressor plant. In 2011 the cooperation format between our companies have been changed. Instead of spare parts delivery and repair services provided for regional objects a contract with head office was made, by which all the FGC objects started to be supplied with spare parts and repair services of compressor equipment. For our plant it was the first agreement of that type, as well as it was for FGC. For us it reveals the opportunity to plan our  production for the year ahead, to load the power evenly and to have a stable cash flow. Besides, we were able to increase the scope of delivery for this direction as well as the scope of repair services provided. For FGC this agreement gave an opportunity to regularize repairs and spair parts purchases by regional structures and to guarantee the using of original spare parts and carrying planned compressor equipment repairs. As far as I know the cooperation format with UKZ, JSC showed its efficiency and FGC planned to conclude such agreements with the other large suppliers. A very important component of the collaboration became a FGC specialists training of our equipment maintenance and exploitation, provided by our education centre. Everyone knows that the right operation enlarges equipment time of service, that’s why the training was useful for us – to guarantee the right equipment exploitation, as well as for Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System – to reduce the possibility of emergency situations, enlarge equipment time of service, reduce breakdowns.

What do you think you should do to increase the cooperation efficiency between Ural compressor plant and FGC?

It is very important for us to implement all the liabilities in the terms agreed as the collaboration is planned to prolong till 2017: equipment repair works at FGC objects will be enough for us in the nearest future. By the way certainly not all the repairs are provided by our specialists. To provide smooth and harmonious repair works, making by FGC employees, we offered an individual solution – education filming where the process of compressor assembly and disassembly is amply shown. The first in film series has been shot in 2012 and all appearances that it is demanded by the specialists who carry out the repair works. The film is granted to FGC objects free of charge and is a peculiar addition to our delivery. 2 more that type of films are planned to be shot.

Summing up, could you please tell what prospects does the UKZ, JSC see regarding the future collaboration with FGC?

First of all we see a five-years full maintenance contract as well as a steady manufacture loading during that period. Personally for me as for the head of marketing department, the direct contact with the customer is always valuable as it helps to understand the needs and to make an offer more convenient for the customer. Recently lots of large companies proceeds the direct cooperation with plants, excluding intermediaries from the supply chain. That’s why the direct cooperation between the plant and a large exploiting organization is an up-to-date solution, that helps to reduce customer costs for equipment, spare parts and service purchase.  Aside from all mentioned above today in our government programmes of large strategic customers transition for using domestic equipment are receiving support. FGC also has such a program. Tight collaboration within the framework of agreement with the FGC regarding the compressor equipment maintenance may allow to find points of contact in the program of import substitution. For the time being we do not have an official agreement, but are working in this direction. Any opportunity for the development for machine-building manufacturers are crucial, that is why we cooperate tightly with FGC, JSC and are planning to proceed collaboration during the nearest years.



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